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Our sales range includes more than 80 brands of lights from prestigious European manufacturers that the best interior designers swear by. Feel the power of Spanish elegance evoked by LZF, Estiluz or Vibia lights, or indulge in a touch of luxury with premium products from Marset. We understand that choosing the perfect lighting is a difficult task, which is why our professional and experienced team will help you buy lights and choose the appropriate lighting function. We regularly follow trends and innovations in the field of interior design, so we constantly update our offer and add carefully selected lights of the highest quality to our product portfolio.

In our offer you will find different types of lights that will look good in a living or working space. Interior lights from renowned manufacturers will bring a gentle light accompaniment to every corner of the home and, together with other interior elements, will create a pleasant living atmosphere. If you are a fan of bold aesthetics and like to try different style combinations when decorating, floor lights together with playful murals will create a wonderful spatial harmony. Are you annoyed by the drab design of your office? Banish boring sterility with floor and table lights from our range.

Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design, as we can completely transform a space with just a few strategically placed lights. Artificially created light reveals the multiple layer character of the space: for example, warm white light is the most common choice for lighting living spaces, while natural white light works well especially in workspaces and purpose-built spaces like a shop. The choice of lights also influences the lighting effect they create in the room. Thus, wall lights emit a soft light that falls evenly on the surface and is positioned to illuminate the entire area. Spot lighting, on the other hand, is used by interior designers when they want to highlight a particular element in the room. Therefore, before making a purchase, always consider the purpose of the lights and how the lighting you choose will complement your existing décor.

Living spaces are considered the heart of the home, so it is necessary to adjust lighting accordingly, create cosiness and draw warmth from the existing design scheme. Each room is a chapter in itself, so lighting differs according to the individual characteristics of the room. The brightness of an individual light is measured in lumens (for example, a classic 60W light bulb has a brightness of approximately 800lm). To determine a sufficient amount of light, we must also take into account the size or area of the premises. The unit of illuminance is called lux (lx) and considers the area illuminated by the luminous flux of the lamp. (Multiply the area of the room by the amount of lux recommended to get the number of lumens needed. We divide this according to the selected lamps and thus calculate how many individual lamps we need). Therefore, on average, experts recommend lighting the workplace with 500lx, and the lighting of recreational rooms - 200- 300lx. You have to be aware that darker pieces of furniture absorb more light, so in such cases we choose ceiling lights as a light source, less suitable are strongly aligned profiles, such as reflectors. You can install dimmable floor lights near the TV to better control the brightness of the room. When designing the hallway lighting, you can afford to be more artistic with layouts, colours and light intensity ...

Highlight the elements of your home that you are most proud of and choose outdoor lights that will unobtrusively complement your existing cabinetry. There are several types of outdoor lighting, each unit performing a specific function and suitable for implementation in specific locations. In our offer you will find outdoor wall lights suitable for lighting wall surfaces and façades, outdoor ceiling lights suitable for a variety of applications, garden lights that create a pleasant evening atmosphere and are attached to building elements... Each outdoor light in our offer meets the strict standards NF C 15-100 and has a high protection index and is additionally protected against water penetration and external particles. Our experts will be happy to help you with any questions and advise you on the choice of brand, style, installation of lights ...

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There is no left without right, no interior without exterior, and no space without light. Luminance provides materials with textures, colours with tones and facilitates accurate interpretation of space. Light and dark shades define ambiance. Unparalleled sense perception and dazzling luminosity of the room are fulfilled when light subtly embraces each element of a carefully furnished interior ...

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