Lesbo Table Lamp - Artemide @ RoyalDesign

Artemide has been synonymous with quality lighting since 1960. Under the term "Human Light", the Italian manufacturer develops luminaires and lighting systems tailored to the needs of people. Over the company's 60+ year history, design masterpieces have been created that continue to set standards in lighting quality and functionality.

Some of the most recognisable designs from the top manufacturer are Artemide Tolomeo by Michele De Lucchi, Tizio by Richard Sapper and the innovative LED luminaires by Demetra Naoto Fukasawe.



The Czech premium lighting brand Brokis is truly synonymous with outstanding design, superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship, all coming from the Czech glassmakers. Their original lighting collections, designed by renowned Czech and international designers alike, have won international praise and accolades. The company skilfully combines hand-blown glass with other selected materials, such as wood and hand-pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that truly push the boundaries of contemporary design.
With its own high-performance production facilities dating back over two hundred years, Brokis has a unique opportunity to experiment and develop innovative materials, techniques and technologies. This enables them to offer tailor-made lighting solutions to suit the most demanding needs and tastes.

Brands > Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith really stands out with its perfectly crafted, handmade light objects. Their location in Bergamo, Italy, ensures a rich heritage of craftsmanship and design that is reflected in their products. The high-quality metal light fittings they create are renowned for their tasteful opulent shapes, colours and surfaces that exude a certain extravagance.

Among Catellani & Smith's most popular lamps are Fil de Fer and Stchu-Moon, which are hand-coated with metal foil. These creations were created by Enzo Catellani, the founder of the company, who is known for his talent and passion for lighting design. Enzo Catellani likes to be actively involved in the creative process and regularly designs new creations for Catellani & Smith, ensuring that a high standard of design and product quality is maintained. This direct link between the founder and the creative process adds a special charm and authenticity to their lamps.


New Brand: DCW éditions - LiD Design

The success story of DCW éditions began in 2008 with the re-production of the famous Lampe Gras lamp by Bernard-Albin Gras. The French company has since grown organically into a leading company for exclusive lighting products. The reissues of historically important design icons have proven to be extremely successful. The luminaires are adapted to modern requirements and exude a genuine retro charm. The combination of solid glass, durable steel or raw copper gives the luminaires a unique industrial look of the modern era. In addition to the iconic Lampe Gras, the DCW éditions Paris range includes many other product lines, including Bernard Schottlander's Mantis. In addition, new collections are added on a regular basis. All the products of this prestigious brand combine timeless design and lasting quality.


Flos - Espacio Home Design

Close collaboration with renowned designers has been a hallmark of Flos since its foundation in 1962. Names such as Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Philippe Starck and Jasper Morrison have marked the development and rise of this Italian manufacturer. Decades of partnership have produced masterpieces such as the iconic Arco lamp or the Glo-Ball family of products.

Flos, which means "flower" in Latin, has always kept up with the times. Their new products meet the highest standards in design and technology. Proof of this, for example, in the free-floating cables of hanging lamps, innovative battery-powered lamps or creative shapes made of blown glass.


Foscarini was founded in 1981 on the island of Murano, Italy. The Venetian island is internationally renowned for its glassmaking craftsmanship, so it's no surprise that many of Foscarini's lights are made from blown glass. In addition, this Italian manufacturer often uses innovative materials such as carbon fibre or modern plastics.
The aesthetic of this prestigious brand sometimes seems organic, sometimes geometric. In addition, abstract shapes are also present, adding an extremely strong presence to the lights. There is always an emphasis on an exceptional lighting effect, for example with magical reflections. 


Lodes, formerly known as Studio Italia Design, has completed the process of rebranding for its 70th anniversary in June 2020. This process culminated in the launch of a new logo and brand identity. Today, Lodes represents the evolution of three generations passionately committed to creating brilliant architectural solutions. With its light sources, Lodes combines contemporary design, innovative technology and the highest quality materials, crafted using the finest processing techniques. Studio Italia Design has been selected as one of the most dynamic Italian companies in the "Campioni della crescita 2020" (Champions of Growth 2020) survey, also published in La Repubblica's "Affari & Finanza" magazine in 2021.


Luceplan is an icon of decorative design and functional excellence. Founded in 1978, the Italian company based in Milan is one of the most renowned lighting manufacturers worldwide. Their first-class "made in Italy" luminaires exude sophisticated design and exceptional lighting technology. Alongside classic products that are already well-known, they are constantly adding innovative luminaires that expand the horizons of beautiful living. In addition to classic luminaires, elegant table lamps and smart chandeliers that provide controlled illumination are part of their diverse range. Combining creative diversity, high-quality materials and advanced technology, Luceplan has been a leading name in exclusive designer lighting for decades.