1.   Home delivery or delivery to a specified address shall be performed through the following shipping carriers: DHLUPS and DPD. The provider shall send the ordered items to the address expressly entered by the buyer (shipping address).


2.   The provider may deliver products from an online shop to all zones or countries specified below, taking into account the stated terms and conditions, delivery costs, delivery method and delivery time. Every effort is made to thoroughly inform the buyer of (potential) delivery area or consequent unforeseeable circumstances, delivery time and precise delivery and shipping costs during the checkout process and prior to the completion of a purchase.   

3.   Delivery or shipping costs are charged in accordance to the selected shipping method and the buyer's address at the customer's expense. 

4.   Additional charges may be imposed for shipment to non-EU countries, for instance costs incurred during transactions or costs related to the execution of payment authorization costs (transfer costs, currency exchange, etc.), supplementary customs duties, taxes and import charges depending on the regulations of the consignee country. We are under no obligation whatsoever to reimburse such additional costs as they are entirely covered by the buyer. 

5.   Every effort is made to ensure prompt delivery time, i.e. no later than 48 hours upon an online order of each in-stock item. All products are supplied subject to availability, therefore an expected delivery date is shown next to each product on our website. In case of a prepayment, we shall send the ordered items upon the receipt of the payment. Supposing that items are out of stock, we shall inform you about the estimated delivery date for each item. Delivery deadlines rarely exceed four weeks, except in the case of hindrances which fall outside the sphere of our influence (e.g. in the festive season, annual holidays), when standard delivery deadlines may be accordingly extended. Buyers will be notified of commencement and ending of such hindrances via email. The same applies in the event of an individual purchase agreement with the customer. In a narrow range of cases, delivery terms may be amended when such circumstances occur in relation to the supplier, of which the buyer shall be promptly notified. In case of an unacceptably extended delivery period (e.g. more than 7 weeks), the customer is entitled to rescind the order, or the provider shall offer the most favorable option to modify the order according to the buyer's wishes. 

6.   In case of any unforeseeable operational disruptions (force majeure, etc.) or delays in the order, the buyer shall be notified of a new estimated delivery deadline via email without undue delay. 

7.   Should the buyer obtain a damaged item in an unsatisfactory condition as a result of faulty and negligent treatment during transit, we advise you to reject such defective parcel or immediately contact the provider at to report any shortcomings. The buyer shall submit photographic evidence of the damaged item along with the original state of the obtained parcel in order to make a claim from your chosen courier. The buyer shall also note the exact delivery time and, if possible, the first name and surname of the delivery service driver. All the aforementioned information shall facilitate the damage claim procedure with the selected courier company.

8.   The provider shall not be liable for damages, deterioration or inability to ensure the timely delivery of goods due to war or civil unrests, strikes, cessation of industrial work, fire, floods or storms, technical defects, intentional damages, theft or other instances of force majeure. 

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