Outdoor recessed floor lights can be a great complement to our outdoor lighting. They can be used to illuminate pathways, patios, trees, and shrubs. They can also be used to illuminate the walls of your home or any architectural features you want to highlight. Their role is both practical and decorative, as we can use them to provide an additional source of light while adding more character to our outdoor areas. They can also be installed in driveways where they need illumination, while adding to the security of our homes. But outdoor recessed floor lights are not only suitable for private areas, but they are also a great choice for commercial and public areas where we want an additional source of light. Landscape architects often use them to illuminate walkways.

Careful planning

If you are looking for luminaires that will serve their purpose in the long term and you have specified their positions at the planning stage, outdoor recessed floor luminaires can be a good choice. However, if we want more flexible solutions for our outdoor lighting needs, we prefer to choose luminaires that can be repositioned. 

Load capacity 

They can be installed on different floor surfaces. On walkways we will install versions with a load capacity that allows us to walk on them, and on driveways we will install versions that can withstand the weight of a car (load capacity of up to 5000 kg). So, before we buy, we need to ask ourselves for what purpose we will use them. Careful planning beforehand is essential, as their positions will not be changed later. It is also important that they have adequate protection against the weather (IP rating) and that they are made of quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, or polycarbonate, which will ensure a long service life. 

Popular LED luminaires

There is a wide choice of outdoor recessed floor luminaires. There are different shapes (round, rectangular) and sizes to choose from. As the name suggests, they are recessed into the floor and the top of the luminaire is more or less flush with the floor. LED outdoor recessed floor luminaires are popular because they are energy efficient, have an extremely long lifetime, are safer due to their low heat emission and offer the possibility of dimming.