Track lights are a unique lighting system in which luminaires are mounted on a linear system with the possibility of different configurations. The advantage of this system is its flexibility and versatility, as the track lights can be adapted to the needs of the room. The track system can be fitted with reflectors or pendant luminaires, which can serve as a primary light source, decorative lighting, or directional lighting. They can be installed in straight or rectangular lines.

Low-voltage track system

There are ceiling-mounted, recessed, surface-mounted and dropped or suspended track luminaires. Recently, the 48V multi-purpose tape system has become very popular and can be installed vertically or horizontally and has recessed, surface mounted and suspended versions. The low-voltage track system offers designers a huge amount of freedom as it can illuminate diverse and changing spaces. By adjusting and moving the lighting points, they can be perfectly adapted to the lighting requirements of the moment.

Where to install the track system?

In restaurants, hotels, shops and commercial premises, track lights will immediately attract the attention of your customers and visitors. This type of lighting is not only suitable for commercial applications but can also be used in residential areas. In a hallway where we have artwork hanging, track lights will highlight them beautifully. In the kitchen, too, they will help to provide the lighting we need to carry out our various kitchen tasks, with their exceptional flexibility. They can also be installed in the living room or dining room. In any case, track lights are currently very popular for residential lighting. They are a very good solution when there is only one electrical outlet in a room, and we want to install more luminaires.

LED track lighting

There is a wide choice of track lights in both shapes and sizes and there are many manufacturers to choose from, such as Linea Light, LEDS C4, Nemo lighting, Delta Light, Flos, Artemide and others. Especially popular is the energy-saving LED track lighting, which works well as a primary light source in the kitchen, and with ambient lighting over the kitchen bar, it creates a special atmosphere when hosting a party for friends.


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