They can be installed on different floor surfaces. Walkways will be fitted with versions that have the load capacity to walk on them, and driveways with versions that can take the weight of a car (load capacity up to 5,000 kg). So, before you buy, you need to ask yourself what they will be used for. Careful planning beforehand is essential, as their positions will not be changed later. It is also important that they have adequate protection against the weather (IP rating) and that they are made of quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate, which will ensure long service life.


Bollards are perfect for adding spice to outdoor lighting, while at the same time increasing the feeling of security and allowing us to be more visible. They are an excellent choice for additional lighting of our outdoor areas. They can be used to illuminate different dark corners in our yard, as an additional light source in areas where we already have other types of outdoor lighting installed or placed on a surface where we want to create a special atmosphere. 

Lighting private and public areas

They are suitable for functional lighting of parking spaces and driveways, as well as for aesthetic lighting of pathways and gardens, where they will add a decorative element in addition to illumination. They can also be installed on a terrace, where they will provide a pleasant atmosphere as an additional light source. Using bollards at night will create a beautiful ambiance and atmospheric lighting that will discreetly draw attention to itself. 

Bollards are not only suitable for our private homes but are also an excellent choice for commercial areas where they will provide greater security to larger outdoor areas. In the context of landscape lighting, bollards are often used on walkways where they provide the necessary illumination and ease of direction. Installed near points of interest, they are sure to attract visitors, whether it be to large garden parties or paths leading to garden gazebos.

Weather protection

Usually made of durable materials such as aluminum, steel and concrete polymer, they can withstand the elements for many years, providing long-lasting illumination for our outdoor areas. In addition to the appropriate materials, they must also have waterproof protection. LED versions are popular as they have a long lifetime and are energy efficient. For decorative lighting of pathways and gardens, bollards are an excellent solution, but it must be stressed that the beam of light must be directed downwards, as the Light Pollution Regulation does not allow the use of outdoor luminaires whose beam of light is directed upwards towards the sky. Shades on luminaires that direct the beam downwards also provide such a solution. 

The choice of bollards must consider the overall concept of the outdoor lighting, as we want them to harmonize with the rest of the luminaires we have chosen for our outdoor areas. With a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from, we are sure to be able to find one that will give our home a unique illumination.

Leds C4

Lyon Bollard

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