Outdoor floor lamps can add a lot of character to outdoor areas and create a special atmosphere to brighten up warm summer evenings. Our backyard will suddenly come alive and light up the otherwise gloomy surroundings of our residence. By choosing the right lamp, we will add charm to our surroundings, which we will enjoy observing both alone and in the company of our guests. Outdoor standing lamps will bring both a practical and aesthetic lighting component to our backyard and will also blend beautifully with the natural elements of the outdoor areas while maintaining a natural balance. The inviting lighting will invite us into its company, where we can unwind after a busy day in a relaxing ambiance.

Where to install them?

Outdoor standing lights can be placed practically anywhere you want an additional source of light, but are most often installed on terraces, grassy areas or by the pool. It is important that the ground where you want to install them is stable enough. They complement well with outdoor ceiling or wall lights, as they can provide additional light in corners that would otherwise remain dark. Outdoor floor lamps can also be used alongside outdoor seating, to illuminate artwork or sculptures, and to provide decorative lighting for flowers, plants, or lawns. If we want to be energy efficient, we can also install solar-powered luminaires on outdoor areas, which will be powered by the sun. 

Due to the Light Pollution Regulation, we need to be careful not to install standing luminaires on outdoor surfaces, whose beam is directed upwards, but rather those whose illumination is directed towards the ground.

What size to choose?

If we want to install outdoor floor lamps in our small backyard, we will opt for a smaller version that will provide enough illumination without taking up too much space and drawing all the attention to itself. In any case, it is also important to consider the aesthetic aspect when making the choice, so that it integrates well into our outdoor space, both in terms of size and décor. However, if our yard or outdoor areas are more extensive, we can afford to be more liberal in our choice of size.

The choice of outdoor standing lamps is very varied and diverse, and manufacturers such as Artemide, Marset, Bover and Vibia offer a variety of decorative modern lamps that will go beautifully with our outdoor areas.

Before installing outdoor standing luminaires, we should not forget about safety, which is an important aspect of outdoor lighting, as it requires an external power supply and the use of weather-resistant materials. So, before buying, let's make sure that our outdoor areas are adequately equipped to safely accommodate our future luminaire.