Outdoor floodlights are suitable for illuminating our outdoor areas such as gardens, driveways and patios. They can be used to illuminate sculptures in our yard that we want to highlight, shrubs and trees, or paths leading to the garden or garage. This will give us an additional source of light that will help to increase safety, while adding more character to our outdoor areas. Outdoor floodlights are also very useful for commercial and public areas, as they can be used to illuminate billboards, shop windows, parks, and sports facilities (ski slopes, playgrounds, etc.), and in many cities they are also used to illuminate tunnels and roads. 

LED outdoor floodlights

Recently, the halogen floodlights used in the past have been completely replaced by LED outdoor floodlights, which have several advantages such as long lifetime, lower energy consumption and consequently higher energy efficiency, lower heating and low maintenance costs. Another advantage of LED floodlights is that they light up at full power as soon as they are switched on. You can choose between manual switching or sensor switching. The latter will light up when motion is detected and are welcome in areas where it would be difficult to find a switch in the dark, such as the front entrance or any other dark corner of the front of the house where you need lighting. Outdoor floodlights are also useful if you want to protect yourself from would-be burglars. 

Solar floodlights

We can also install solar floodlights on our outdoor areas, which are charged by sunlight and therefore operate at no cost. They are perfect for placing in garden areas, by the pool or on the terrace, giving us a special atmosphere on summer evenings. 

A wide choice

Before we decide to buy outdoor floodlights, we need to ask ourselves where we want to install them and what purpose they will serve. Will they be installed as a decorative element or do we need them as an additional source of light? There are different designs of outdoor spotlights that can be mounted on the floor, on an (external) wall or on stands. There are also portable outdoor spotlights, which are a convenient choice when they are only needed for a short period of time on a particular surface or will be moved several times. Outdoor spotlights are very durable, with waterproof protection, and protection against particles and dust, and are also shockproof. There are many manufacturers who offer good quality outdoor floodlights, but it is important to bear in mind the Light Pollution Regulation, which does not allow the use of outdoor lights whose beam is directed upwards towards the sky (thereby increasing the natural ambient light). This can be avoided by pointing the floodlights toward the ground, using less powerful lamps, or by using motion sensors that will only provide illumination when near the floodlight.