Outdoor wall lights are a popular choice for those who want to brighten up the exterior of their home while increasing the feeling of security. With the right lighting, you can bring pleasant light to your terrace, balcony, façade, or entrance. Guests will also quickly notice the inviting and welcoming atmosphere of our home when they arrive, and the lighting will make it easier for them to find their way around. Outdoor wall lights are also very suitable for illuminating pathways in the courtyard or exterior walls, and they can also be used to highlight architectural features. But they are certainly not only suitable for homes, but also for restaurants, hotels, and other public areas where a pleasant outdoor wall light will make a great first impression on guests.

Lighting purpose and direction

There is a wide choice of outdoor wall lights, so before choosing one, you should ask yourself what the purpose of the light will be. You can choose downward-facing luminaires, which will create pleasant and inviting illumination and increase safety. There are also upward-shining luminaires, but the Light Pollution Regulation in Slovenia dictates that we must not install luminaires whose beam of light is directed skywards. This regulation also prevents the use of floodlights that shine into the sky. Instead of upward-directed lighting, wall lights can be used, which shine up and down and very discreetly illuminate and highlight the façade without causing light pollution.

If we want a good source of illumination, we can go for LED external wall lights, but if we want to bring a pleasant and softer illumination to the external walls, we can go for luminaires that offer less intense illumination. In any case, it is important that the style of the outdoor luminaires is in keeping with the décor of the home. When choosing outdoor luminaires, it is also important to check that they are waterproof, which is an international IP standard, as we want the luminaires to be protected from the weather outside.

Energy-saving luminaires

If you want to be very energy efficient, you can opt for solar-powered outdoor wall lights. You can also save money by using motion-sensor luminaires, which only switch on when they detect movement, thus illuminating the surface only when you actually need the light, thus reducing energy consumption. Outdoor wall lights come in a variety of materials (metal, aluminum, acrylic, ceramic), colours and shapes (round, rectangular and other shapes), and there is a wide choice of manufacturers (Linea Light, Luce & Light, LEDS C4, Flos and others).