If you want to provide a good source of lighting in your yard while improving the aesthetic appearance, outdoor pendant lights are a great choice to add a touch of spice and a touch of boldness. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, but it certainly makes sense to consider our existing style in the interior of the home. We want to use outdoor lighting to complement our home décor beautifully.

Where to install them?

Outdoor pendant lights are suitable for installation on a balcony, covered terrace or any other part of the yard where we want an additional source of lighting or where we lack a decorative element that will attract attention. If we have an outdoor dining table on the terrace where we like to host dinner parties in the summer evenings, a bold chandelier will create a special atmosphere. Outdoor chandeliers are the perfect choice for brightening up outdoor areas, as they bring a lot of character.

Suitable size

So, when deciding on outdoor pendant lights, we first need to consider where to place them, how much light we need and what size will suit the dimensions of our outdoor space. You can opt for several smaller hanging lights or one larger one that will provide enough light. We need to consider the height of the ceiling above the terrace, which should be high enough. Many outdoor pendant luminaires are height-adjustable, so we can adjust the height of the luminaire accordingly. When choosing a style, we can go for a wide variety of designs, whether modern or rustic, but we want them to blend in with their surroundings and complement our interior décor. 

Due to the occasional inclement weather, we need to make sure that our outdoor surfaces that are exposed to precipitation are fitted with luminaires that have the necessary waterproof protection. The degree of mechanical protection of luminaires is indicated by the international standard IP, where a higher value means better waterproof protection. 

When buying outdoor pendant luminaires, there are many top manufacturers to choose from, such as Foscarini, Linea Light, Vibia, Lucelight, Marset, and others.