Founded in Venice in 1996, Axolight is now based in Italy and the United States and distributes to more than 90 countries worldwide. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-end decorative lighting. Their mission is to combine state-of-the-art lighting techniques with design and craftsmanship. Each product is handmade in the company's laboratory in Venice, whether it is a standard production or a bespoke product. They produce designer lighting in many dimensions and for many applications. They are an extremely service-oriented company, able to understand and assist designers at all stages of the development process. They offer stylish and contemporary design solutions to illuminate any space. 

Sustainable materials and processes

Quality, functionality and elegance are the qualities that Axolight luminaires boast. They also pay great attention to the choice of sustainable materials and processes, giving preference to metals, fabrics and glass. Their collections include pendants, ceiling, wall, table and floor lamps. The company puts sustainability and human well-being at the heart of its design. In 2018, Axolight launched Jewel, the first lamp made from recycled nylon and fiberglass.

The iconic Aura luminaire

Their most iconic lamp is Aura, whose collection consists of luxury chandeliers, ceiling and wall lamps. Each individual element and the overall composition of the lamp evokes a fluid, watery image. The light passing through the volume of the lamp brings a diffused glow into the room and numerous reflections, like small waves of light. The shine of the Murano glass also immediately catches the eye of the observer. The decorative effect of Aura is designed to create unique and sophisticated spaces.