Suspension lights are back! They are characterized by their versatility of use and equivalence with other furniture parts, as they are available in various colour combinations, countless shapes and unusual dimensions. For this reason, it is necessary to devote more time to the selection and purchase, as these types of lights are more eye-catching compared to other types of lights. They can be placed in all rooms. The major advantage of hanging lights is that they take up less space as compared to floor and table lights. Suspension lights provide a wider spectrum of light, which is ideal for lighting spaces where more intense light is needed. However, suspension lights are most commonly found in the kitchen, where lively hanging lights illuminate the dining area. Suspension lights include both classic suspension lights and chandeliers. In our offer you will find a wide range of suspension lights from renowned brands, such as: Lodes, Foscarini, Vibia and Marset. Be inspired by innovative shapes and sophisticated lighting design. 

High quality chandeliers for even more elegance in the room

In the past, chandeliers marked prestige, as designers made them by hand, and in the hanging glass pearls, dreamy light played on long evenings. Although lamps like chandeliers are still associated with the luxury of old mansions, their main function today is to illuminate the room. Before buying, it is good to check the technical data of the product, such as the direction of the angle of incidence of the rays and the colour of the light, and finally the material of the light or lamp, since metal elements are definitely easier to clean. Chandeliers also differ from suspension lights in the way they are installed. It is best to get help with installation from a professional who can best assess whether a particular surface can hold the intended load. Chandeliers can also be mounted on a ledge, which acts as a sort of anchor for your suspension lights and supports more weight. They are most commonly used to light living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways. Crystal chandeliers are still a popular choice today, and aesthetics lovers are also impressed with the more innovative versions that cleverly combine modern materials like glass, wood, polished chrome, brushed nickel, and allow for a variety of applications in the room. More expensive suspension lights include hand-forged iron, steel, and bronze that contain flame-shaped bulbs and a crystal prism. So, if we summarise the main differences between a chandelier and a suspension light, the following is true: A chandelier is a lamp with multiple light sources and is hung from the ceiling, where it is attached with a mounting body. A classic suspension light, on the other hand, has only one built-in bulb or light source. 

How to choose the right colour of light?

As mentioned earlier, suspension lights can have different colour temperatures, so they give off either warm white or natural white light depending on the colour temperature of the bulb. The light source is provided by an ordinary light bulb or a LED module. For most people, the warm white light is the most comfortable. It is usually accompanied by soft yellow tones, which are suitable for placement in rooms designed for relaxation, such as bedrooms or living rooms. The biggest mistake you can make when decorating an apartment is the excessive dominance of cool light, as it creates a feeling of excessive sterility and stifles the homely warmth of wooden furniture elements. According to the recommendations of experienced interior designers, neutral light is more suitable for lighting offices, surgeries, shops and garages, but less suitable for lighting large rooms. As an unwritten rule of every interior designer, neutral light is suitable for lighting rooms intended for work and concentrated activities. Natural light works well to further stimulate concentration. If you do not know which light colour will bring the most variety to your space, ask an expert for advice. 

Suspension lights - the most beautiful decoration for your dining room
Compared to chandeliers, suspension lights are more decorative in nature and are suitable for use in rooms with high ceilings, such as those typical of galleries or staircases. Today, they are also most commonly found in the dining room, and more recently, suspension lights are becoming more common in hotel room and restaurant décor, as they create a relaxing and calming mood. In our offer you can find suspension lights in different shapes and dimensions, before buying it is good to know the purpose of the lighting and the size of the lighting. The disadvantage of suspension lights is the direction of the light beam, which is its main characteristic, so we recommend the additional installation of reflectors or additional ceiling lights for wider room lighting. On the other hand, some glass suspension lights diffuse the light beautifully as the reflected light playfully embraces the room.