Outdoor table lamps are the perfect solution when our outdoor areas lack an additional source of light, but we want a bit of brightening up. They can be used for reading in the evening or as a decorative addition when hosting a party that you want to brighten up with ambient lighting. Our courtyard will suddenly come alive and have a lot of character, especially on long evenings. They can thus bring a sense of fullness of space to our outdoor areas, resulting in comfort and homeliness. Their advantage lies in their versatility and portability, as we can simply move them to the place where we want additional lighting. They can be used to perfectly connect indoor and outdoor spaces and accentuate the natural elements of our backyard. 

Where to install them?

Outdoor table lamps will go perfectly on our patio, where they can be used next to the seating area. This will give us the illumination we need for evening reading or an additional source of light when relaxing with a glass of wine. They can also be placed on an outdoor dining table, especially when we are hosting a party and need lighting. If you fancy a night swim, you can place them by the pool to create a relaxing atmosphere. Combined with outdoor floor lamps, we will bring beautiful decorations to our backyard.  

They are also perfect for the terraces of hotels, restaurants, or bars, where we want to give our guests the best possible experience, and lighting plays a big part in this. As a decorative addition to tables, they will create an inviting and relaxing evening atmosphere. 

A varied selection

Outdoor table lamps, therefore, do not just provide an additional source of illumination, but as ambient lighting, they ensure our well-being. The wide range of choices includes both more traditional designs and modern ones that can also include a Bluetooth speaker. If we want to be energy efficient, we can opt for solar-powered table lamps or LED lights, which will save energy and last longer, or for easier portability, we can go for wireless or battery-powered outdoor table lamps.