Floor lamps are sure to attract attention in the room where they are to be installed. They will create a special atmosphere and provide an excellent source of light. The advantage of floor lamps is their flexibility. They can be easily moved to another room where we need lighting at that moment. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, we're sure to be able to find one that will complement our existing room décor and create a unique look. As the name suggests, these are freestanding luminaires that can be placed on the floor. The base is usually made of a plinth, which is the heaviest part of the lamp and provides stability. The base can vary considerably from one model to another, from straight to curved, and some models resemble table lamps but are considerably larger.

Flexible light source

Size also plays an important role in the choice. Larger floor lamps will be able to provide our primary source of illumination, while smaller ones will have a more dedicated function, such as for reading, which can completely replace a table lamp or serve a more decorative purpose as an additional light source. Wherever you need a flexible light source, floor lamps will do the job. In fact, they can be installed in virtually any room. In the bedroom, it will provide the necessary illumination next to the bed for reading books and complement the overall look. At the dining table, they'll provide pleasant illumination, and in the home office, they'll allow you to get the job done. The important thing to ask is whether you want them to provide ambient lighting or a primary light source. 

Different styles

Floor lamps are available in a variety of styles. You can choose a modern LED version that will provide energy-efficient lighting, or perhaps a luminaire from one of the renowned designers that will add a huge amount of character to your space. You can choose industrial, retro, minimalist or Scandinavian styles. The choice of manufacturers is also varied (Lodes, Vibia, Catellani&Smith, Foscarini, Luceplan, Linealight and others), as is the choice of materials (wood, glass, metal, plaster, steel, aluminum, fabric).