Wall lights are an indispensable part of lighting. They can serve a variety of purposes. In corridors or stairwells, they offer functionality by making it easier to find our way around, but they can also accentuate parts of a room with a decorative look. In the bedroom they provide light for reading books or as a decorative accessory, in the bathroom, they illuminate a mirror, and if we have valuable artwork on the wall, wall lights can be used to highlight it further or create a dramatic effect. In hotels or restaurants, wall lights can create relaxing and inviting ambient lighting that adds character to a space.  

The choice depends on the purpose of the lighting

Before installing, we need to ask ourselves what we want the wall lights to illuminate. Is it a hallway, a bedroom or maybe a bathroom? Above all, where do we want the lighting to draw attention. Wall lights can provide direct or diffused illumination, and the choice of lamp depends on the purpose of the illumination. Those with diffused light are suitable for illuminating the walls in a bedroom or as an additional light source in a dining room. There may be a particular piece of decorative furniture in the room that can be highlighted with directional light, or you may want to create a cosy atmosphere in the living room with wall lighting. In the bathroom, behind the mirror, we have the lighting we need for morning or evening tidying up. In fact, they can be placed in any room that we want to add a little more character or used for a specific purpose. So choose the lamp that best suits your needs. 

A wide choice

There are many manufacturers of wall lights to choose from: Lodes, Vibia, Estiluz, Foscarini, Lines Light, Artemide, to name but a few. There is also a wide choice of styles, from more modern, industrial or retro. With a wide selection, you're sure to find a lamp to suit your lifestyle.  

Would you rather go for a classic switch to adjust the light or an automatic control with a motion sensor? You can also opt for a phase dimmer, remote control or use an app. You can also choose between different materials such as plaster, wood, glass, aluminium, steel or metal.