In addition to its functional role in a room, high-quality and sophisticated lighting also plays an important aesthetic role. Using shadow casting, light intensity, and lighting angle, ceiling lights can create a unique look to a space and add a distinctive feature that comes with a true level of mystique. Although ceiling lights are a less important element in room design for many people, sophisticated lighting can have a profound effect on the mood. By playing with the shadows of the lights they give a person the possibility of a unique interpretation of space, and with a strategic arrangement, we can visually enlarge small spaces and add the missing element of airiness. At Lightingonline, we offer a wide range of ceiling lights, suitable for installation in your home as well as in business premises. Be impressed by the precise lines of the ceiling lights, created under the guidance of renowned European designers, and the minimalist elegance that discreetly blends into the style of your interior. In our offer, you can find a wide range of ceiling lights, the most popular are strip lights, LED ceiling lights, ceiling lights, spot ceiling lights, spotlights, ceiling flush lights, linear lights, and track lighting... The main task of ceiling lights is to provide brightness in the room, they can be used as the main lighting or as additional lighting.

The IP protection of lights is especially important when choosing ceiling lights for the bathroom

When buying lights, you have probably seen the abbreviation IP20 or IP44 and wondered what this code even means. The IP degree of protection is based on the CEI 70-1 (EN60529) standard and in most cases is indicated as a two-digit number. The marking can be further supplemented by letter abbreviations. The first part of the abbreviation determines the size of the mechanical particles that can still penetrate inside (values from 0 to 6, where 6 means 100% protection against dust particles). The second number indicates the water resistance, or the conditions under which the interior is still protected against water ingress (values from 0 to 8, with the number 8 representing complete protection against immersion in water for a prolonged period). It is particularly important for ceiling lights installed in bathrooms to meet the above safety standards, as this room is the most susceptible to sudden water spray. Lights that have ratings of at least IP65 can also be used above the shower area. Of course, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced electrician if you have any questions or doubts. 

Elegance or boldness? What style of light fixtures will fit best in your home?

Interior designers have always been faithful to the aesthetic power of decorative lights. This is especially important when decorating large spaces where minimalism reigns and the colour palette consists mainly of hollow colours. Ceiling lights ensure that you highlight the interior design elements that you are most proud of and create an atmosphere of cosiness. If you want the ceiling lights to fulfil their role well, you should follow some important rules when decorating and designing the interior. In the first place, there is certainly the stylistic coordination between the furniture elements and lighting, because the ceiling lights must unite the room and not break the harmony. In rooms designed for relaxation, interior designers advise the use of softer ceiling lights, where the beams mimic the natural light. Bolder chandeliers and suspension lights on the other hand, create a stronger core to the home. Stronger light is also needed in rooms where many daily activities take place, such as the kitchen. At our company, we understand the importance of lights that enhance the style of your home, so you will find lights for every taste in our extensive range, bringing a rustic classic, modern refresh, or understated design playfulness to your space. 

The playful colour range of lights and high-quality materials 

No matter what type of ceiling lights you are looking for, you will find everything you need in our offer. Metal lights complement the industrial look of the room so well, softening the bold tones of the furniture elements with their coolness, while glass lights bring a noticeable element of the refined rusticity of dance halls to the space. Choose from many options, variations, colour combinations and materials for our ceiling lights and select only the best lights for your home that will fit 100% with your existing design scheme. You can successfully break the monotony of the living room with suspended elements: different light colours, such as warm white light (between 2700K and 3000K) or natural white light (between 3100K and 4500K), also help. Above 4500K, the light reaches bluish tones and is not suitable for residential lighting. All the modern ceiling lights in our range are very energy efficient and provide high energy savings compared to energy-saving or halogen bulbs. Not sure which lights are right for your home? Browse our range or get advice from our experts.