Outdoor ceiling lights can add a huge amount of character to the exterior of your home, complementing the interior lighting beautifully. If we like to spend our summer evenings in the fresh air, they will give us a very special and pleasant atmosphere. They are suitable for covered terraces and balconies, but they can also be installed over an entrance for added security, or over a sliding door leading onto a terrace to provide the lighting you need. In this case, you can also opt for motion sensor luminaires. 

Complementing interior lighting

If you want energy-saving outdoor ceiling lights, you can opt for LED luminaires, which will help you save energy while being long-lasting. However, before choosing, we need to think carefully about where we want to install them, depending on our lighting needs. 

When choosing decorative features, we want them to match the light fittings in the interior rooms, so that they provide a coherent and integrated look for our home. However, if we want to create an even more dramatic effect in outdoor areas, we may prefer designer outdoor pendant lights with modern shapes or standing lights that will attract a lot of attention.