LED recessed wall lights are ideal for lighting staircases and corridors. So-called path markers are a practical and versatile solution for lighting our homes. They are usually installed in the lower part of the wall. Their function is to illuminate the lower part of a room that would otherwise be shaded, by directing the light beam towards the floor, more specifically to signal a path. By using wall-mounted recessed luminaires, it is possible in this way to avoid lighting chandeliers or wall lights.

What are we illuminating with wall-mounted recessed luminaires (Pathmarkers)?

LED recessed wall lights are therefore an effective solution for lighting corridors or even very large rooms. You want to create a special atmosphere in them. Thanks to LED technology, the guaranteed decorative effect comes to life. LED path markers can spread the light upwards or downwards. They can have different optics and different colour temperatures. They can thus be inserted into any living environment and thus provide the appropriate brightness to the rooms in the home. LED staircase lighting: not only illuminates but also decorates. And it definitely reduces your electricity consumption, allowing you to be even more respectful of the environment.

What materials are recessed wall lights made of (Pathmarkers)?

Recessed LED luminaires (pathmarkers) are also used to highlight furniture elements and transition areas. LED wall lights are made of different materials: aluminum, gibs and steel are just some of them. They are available in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and finishes. Wall-mounted recessed LED luminaires made of gibs are the most useful, as they have no visible edges and blend beautifully into your wall, so that only the light source is visible. The largest supplier of these is the manufacturer Belfiore 9010 and we are sure that you will find the right one for you on our website.