Recessed ceiling luminaires, as the name suggests, are built into the ceiling and have both a functional and a decorative role. They are technical luminaires, which are much more complex to install than decorative luminaires. They are made up of several parts, namely the housing, which is made of metal or plastic, the light source (LED), which may also have a cover glass (so that the light source is not visible), a heat sink to prevent heating, and an LED power supply or converter to power the luminaire.

Modern recessed lighting can provide either a primary or an ambient light source. In narrow spaces where other types of lighting would not be suitable, recessed ceiling luminaires are the ideal choice for a primary light source. They will work well in a hallway, combining practicality and sophistication. In other rooms, such as low-ceiling bathrooms, they can also be well placed, but if they are to be installed near the shower, they must be waterproof.

When you want to highlight certain objects in a room or draw attention to a piece of artwork, energy-efficient LED recessed ceiling lights are a great choice. The lighting will complement the primary light source and create a special atmosphere. Unlike some other types of lighting (floor and table lamps), the optimal number and installation scheme of recessed ceiling lights should be determined at the design stages. This is because we want them to enhance the appearance of the room, not overshadow it. Ceiling recessed luminaires can emit a considerable amount of light, so it is wise to prioritize quality over quantity and install luminaires at optimum spacing. The choice of luminaires also depends on how the fixtures will be installed in the ceiling. The luminaire housing must be suitable for the structure of the home. It is also a good idea to consult an electrician beforehand.

Once the size of the luminaires and their positions in the room have been determined, the style of the luminaires should also be considered to match the décor. There are quite a few designs to choose from. If you are going to choose an LED recessed luminaire, it makes sense to consider dimmers to make the luminaires more versatile and flexible.