Table lamps serve both practical and decorative purposes. Whether in the bedroom, home office or guest room, they will add a special atmosphere to your home. They can be used for ambient lighting to help us relax after a busy day. They are not usually used as a primary source of illumination, but they are great for enhancing the mood of a room, so they are also ideal for placing in areas of a room that do not need general illumination, but rather more subtle shades of light. For example, a foyer or a hallway table are ideal places to place a sleek modern table lamp. It's also very common to place them on the bedside table in the bedroom, where they'll be perfect for reading a book in the evening or doing other things before bed. They will also play a decorative role in the overall look of the bedroom. They are also often used in offices, as they provide the lighting we need to carry out our work. With the rise of home working, they have become even more indispensable.

Suitable size

Before choosing a desk lamp, we need to ask ourselves what purpose it will serve. Will it be used to brighten up the décor in the room, or will it be more functional? How the table lamp will be integrated into the existing style of the room is certainly important. Depending on the purpose, we then decide on the size of the table lamp. We have definitely not chosen the optimum size if the lamp is too large for the surface where it will stand or if it will be overshadowed by other pieces of furniture. Otherwise, the right size and design of a table lamp can add a little character to a room that lacks it.

Modern LED table lamps

LED lights have many advantages, including longer life and energy savings. It's important to ask yourself how much light you want your table lamps to emit. For reading and similar tasks, you will need more light. There is a wide choice of modern table lamps, and despite their practical value, there are many different styles, colours and shapes to choose from. You can choose between modern, industrial or retro models from a wide range of manufacturers (Artemide, Lodes, Vibia, Vistosi, Foscarini and others). Choose the one that suits your lifestyle.