Underwater lights are an indispensable source of illumination for those who want to enjoy the joys of swimming in their pool in the evening and at night. In addition to the practical aspect, it will bring your pool to life in the evening and create a relaxing ambiance that invites you to come and enjoy it. By installing underwater luminaires, you will add a huge amount of character to your backyard, which will perfectly complement your outdoor décor. So, if you want to use your pool in the evening, choosing underwater lights is crucial, and choosing quality lights that will serve their purpose is important.

Adequate protection

When choosing underwater pool lights, the first thing to check is that they have IP68 protection, which will ensure 100% waterproofing and protection against dust particles and impact. IP68 is the maximum possible protection against external influences, i.e., water and dust particles, which means that underwater pool lights with this type of protection will perform their function in the long term. In addition to pools for domestic use, underwater lights can also be used to illuminate commercial and professional (competition) pools. For the latter, the intensity of the lighting is crucial, as we need strong illumination, while for commercial pools we want to use underwater lighting to create a more ambient lighting for a pleasant atmosphere for the guests of the pool or pool complex. Underwater lighting can also be used to illuminate fountains, waterfalls, and whirlpools. The decision to install underwater lighting is made at the design stage of the pool, but certain lighting elements can be added or removed at a later stage. They can be installed at the bottom or at the sides of the pool. Recessed luminaires are usually installed flush with the surface of the pool. Spot or diffused lighting can be chosen.

LED underwater luminaires

The most popular are high quality LED underwater spotlights, which are energy efficient and have a long lifetime. LED strips are also popular and are usually installed along the sides of the pool. You can also opt for fibre optics to light your pool, which have gained popularity in recent times and are very energy efficient. You can choose from different lighting colours. Renowned manufacturers offer underwater lights in a variety of shapes and illumination intensities. In addition to LED versions, halogen lights are also available. Those who want to be more adventurous can also opt for colour-changing lights that create a real light spectacle.

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